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Andrei Ilie

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Andrei Ilie is 28 years old and is one of the most active drummers on the Romanian rock & pop scene. Frequently, though, as a member of the projects he was involved in during the years, he found himself taking care of band tasks which often went beyond drumming duties, particularly in the management and PR areas. He started his career with the ”Mozart Rocks” project, where he has been the main drummer for more than 10 years and where he constantly cultivates his passion for concerts with rock bands accompanied by symphonic orchestras.

He was the drummer of the alternative metal outfit Days of Confusion, with whom he released an EP called ”Seeds” in 2012 and 3 other singles (”Bloodstream”, ”Dharkata” and ”Eternal Summer”) which later appeared on the band‘s 2017 abum “Yin & Out”. Within the same genre, he collaborated with progressive metal band White Walls, with whom he also recored the single “Death Follows Me” (2016). He is now a member of the bands Fameless (post-grunge / prog-rock) and Rockabella (adult alternative), both having released singles which received extensive radio play and full length debut albums: “Dreams Without a Past” (2017), and “Clarobscur” (2019), respectively. 

At the same time, he collaborates with indie-folk artists Valeria Stoica and CeZar, for whom he also recorded drums for his 2017 album titled “2005”, and as of 2018, he can also be found in the mainstream area, performing live for rising pop star Ioana Ignat. He has an extensive history of collaborations, with names that include pop star Feli, blues artist Julie Mayaya, ethno-rock outfit Spitalul de Urgenta, hard rock veterans Krypton and indie-pop artist Lucia.